1. Jobs - To create or partner with the private sector in creating a Tech (IT) learning center that will focus on Microsoft, Cisco, Dell certifications. Most of these certifications can be completed within 1 to 4 weeks. This can help job seekers get exposed to the IT field which can lead them to either pursue an IT career or apply to a community college or 4 years university. Right now, most universities do not offer Microsoft certification programs. 

These certificates require additional time outside of academic work. I believe people need and crave these educational opportunities and we can create this opportunity in the 28th ward as a center or campus. Working in partnership with the private sector our goal would be to offer these courses for free or at a reduced price. These IT jobs are the new "trade" jobs of our century. Let’s make the 28th ward the new IT hub for the 21st Century. 

We will also provide training for other trade skills like carpentry, mechanic, fencer, ironworker, laborer, landscaper, mason, plumber among other skills. We want to make sure that our residents have the skills they need to apply for the infrastructure investments in our communities. We will provide guidance and mentorship throughout the application process.

Crime and Accountability

2. Crime and Accountability -  Hold the Mayor accountable for using police resources more equitably, with the needs of our Ward in mind. Not only are we unhappy with 29 beat cops in the 10th district and 32 in the 11th district alone being taken off the streets, but we want those officers to be accountable to the community. That is why I am a supporter of CPAC, so the community can hold police accountable, unlike under the incumbent alderman and outgoing Mayor." 

We also need transparency, and accountability from both the Mayor and our police officers. We will make sure that we have a safe and just system that will treat everyone equally. We will fight for Civilian Police Accountability Council (CPAC). We need an elected CPAC that will be hold CPD accountable. We will demand an elected board that will be accountable to Chicago residents. We will address the root causes of why crimes are committed. We will invest more resources in job training, after school activities and mental health services. We will bridge the communication gap with the CPD and our neighbors. We will do more in interaction and activities outside of beat meetings. We will get to know each other names so we have a better understanding for one other.

3. Education

3. Education - We need to start funding our schools better. I have a child in public school and have seen firsthand how underfunded, under staffed they operate. We will start diversifying some of the TIF funds back to the general education pool. I believe that we need to start utilizing more of these TIF funds in our own community. These funds can be used to improve our education system and school buildings. Currently the West side which includes 28th ward, it only allocated 9% funds from TIF. This is unacceptable since it is one of the communities that needs it the most. 

The current 2018-2019 CPS budget allocated one billion dollars for capital improvements. None of these funds went to schools within the 28th ward. My plan is to visit and inspect all of the schools in the ward and talk to principals, teachers, staff, parents, and students. An online profile will be created for transparency. Next year, we will ensure that schools’ budgets address our school needs.


4. Infrastructure - The 28th ward is in constant need for infrastructure work including our streets. We need to work on getting better materials for our streets without the constant need for repair every 3 months. Pothole complaints are up 14 percent in Chicago - the most in 3 years. 

Let’s make our ward greener and more attractive to businesses that want to invest. Let’s landscape areas or blocks in the 28th ward that need beautifying. As alderman I will advocate for us to use city resources to assist youth who need work to clean up our ward while learning a trade around gardening or landscaping. Let’s partner with private sector businesses and nonprofits in our area towards making Douglas Park beautiful.


5. Food -  Communities come together around food. Why not use our empty lot spaces to fill them with community gardens? I would like to have weekly farmer's market that will offer these vegetable/fruit at free or reduce price perhaps do it as a donation model. I would like to start community gardens designation within 4 block radius and have a centrally located building that will be accessible via public transportation to store all exceed food for refrigeration as well as main a "store front" where the community can go pick up items during the week. I believe this is something needed especially in food desert areas like the 28th ward.

Elected School Board

6. Elected School Board - I am in favor of an elected school board. 

Community Benefit Agreement

7. Community Benefit Agreement - We have some of Chicago’s highest unemployment rates and a lack of job opportunities. However, we simultaneously have close to 5 billion dollars in infrastructure projects ongoing within and around the 28th ward. Our plan is to address the high unemployment rate in the 28th Ward with the implementation of community benefit agreements on all major projects. 

Affordable Housing

8.  Affordable Housing -  We will create a development and zoning committee, of community members, that will ensure that we do not keep getting displaced and enforce a 20% - 30% affordable housing requirement onsite for any project that requires zoning change or TIF funds. This committee as well as the community benefit agreement committee will both have to sign off on any zoning change. This will ensure that the projects have both affordable housing and jobs for residents of the 28th ward. If you’re using public funds it must benefit the public community you’re profiting from. With both community benefit agreements and zoning committees we will ensure that our neighbors and friends have access to jobs and are able to afford to live here without displacement.   

Participatory Budgeting

9. Participatory Budgeting –  We will be implementing a participatory budget committee of community stakeholders in the 28th ward. Furthermore, we will incorporate our high school youth in their schools so that student as young as 14 years old can propose and vote on projects they want to see in their communities.  We do this to increase community participation and dedication for public service because everyone deserves to be heard. 

Small Business Entrepreneurs

10. Small Business Entrepreneurs - We currently have many store front vacant through the ward. The first thing we need to do is create a Chamber of Commerce in communities that does not have one like Tri-Taylor. This will help with bringing new entrepreneurs and small businesses in our community. We will make sure to provide guidance in taking advantage of Neighborhood Opportunity Fund. Provide guidance with the application process and support the business.

State of the 28th ward

11. State of 28th ward -  I am looking to unify and better organize the ward so residents work together. Residents that live in Little Italy/University Village should and can know residents that live in  East Garfield, West Garfield, North Lawndale. Austin and Pilsen. Why? Because diversity and unity are our strength and we need to get to know and work with our neighbors not isolate ourselves from each other. We will be hosting an annual ‘State of the 28th ward’ so that all residents, small business owners, and stakeholders in the ward come together to organize and hold myself along with other politicians accountable.

Small Matching Fund

12. Small Matching Fund - We support a small-dollar public matching funds program similar to New York City that helps candidates rely on Chicago residents—not special interests—to fund their campaigns.